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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • Toasts have accompanied us since the dawn of time. They are like a ritual that helps us conclude a consecutive stage in life or emphasise an important plotline. Toasts can be funny or sad, pompous or plain, touching or detached. There are as many options as there are circumstances. What kind of toast will the show’s protagonist raise? The script was based on the reminiscences of Fira Melamedzon-Solanski, written down by Andrzej Niziołek and Ksenia Kosakowska.

  • Teatr Ba-Q was founded in 2009, and is associated with the Barak Kultury Foundation. The group’s projects have brought together many renowned artistic personalities, including set designer Piotr Tetlak, composer Rafał Zapała, and actors Małgorzata Walas-Antoniello and Hacen Sahraoui. The leader of Teatr Ba-Q, actor, director and scriptwriter Przemysław Prasnowski has worked for many years with Teatr Strefa Ciszy.

    The group’s major productions include the happening Romeo i Julia na ulicy św. Marcin [Romeo and Juliet in Św. Marcin Street] (2009), the theatre action Schron [Shelter] (shown in the New Situations programme during Malta Festival 2009) and the performances Ćma [Moth] (2012) and Szrot [Scrap] (2012).