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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • Teatr Pipel 2 has been operating at the SOKÓŁ Municipal Community Centre in Czerwonak since 1994. The main goal of the children’s theatre is to provide enjoyment and to educate. Hence it is up to the young artists to create their characters, pieces and stage solutions during supervised improvisation and workshops, where they are also taught acting skills. Their focus is not only on drama, but also on miming and on art and movement theatre. The show Przygody Momo [The Adventures of Momo], created under the guidance of Anna Rozmianiec of Teatr Fuzja, presents the adventures of the courageous Momo fighting against time-thieves who are trying to steal his time for playing with his friends.

    Concept, direction Anna Rozmianiec
    Performed by: Pipel 2 Children’s Ensemble of the SOKÓŁ Municipal Community Centre in Czerwonak