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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • In our world, there is a strict division between the products of civilisation and the products of nature. But when you look at the city, you sometimes get the impression that it is a little wild. Can it be tamed? Together with the group Wyobraźnia Utrudnia Życie [Imagination Makes Life Harder], we will think about what makes the urban jungle different from a tropical forest. We will focus on what we can do there, what we can feel and who we can meet on our way. In other words, we will focus on the sensual perception of both these realities. Finally, we will build two objects in Wolności Square. One will refer to the world of nature, but will be built of objects related to the street. The other will be quite the opposite: it will symbolise a city, but the building material will all be natural. This is a weekend must-do for the young handyperson!

    Prowadzenie / Instructors: Wyobraźnia Utrudnia Życie – Ewa Mrozikiewicz, Elżbieta Niewiadomska