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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • Leaders is a children’s political thriller. The students of an elementary school are running for the student council. Their struggle for power creates many tensions. Their electoral campaigns reflect a distorted image of the world of real politics. What model of democracy do the children know? How will the campaigns of the four candidates end? The main characters, Marcel, Kais, Helena and Filip, differ in nearly every respect: social status, campaign style, motivation and popularity. Only their goal is the same: power and being at the top of the school hierarchy. What initially seems like merely a game quickly turns into a serious social intrigue.

  • script, director: Paweł Ferdek
    music: Mikołaj Trzaska http://polishdocs.pl/pl/scenarzysta/127/pawel_ferdek
    production: KALEJDOSKOP Film Studio
    country and year of production: Polska / Poland, 2013