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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Ula Tarasiewicz
Galleryphoto Ula Tarasiewicz
  • Marcin Masecki is a pianist, composer and improviser who is always at odds with conventions and established forms. This time, he decided to work with Orkiestra Dęta Ochotniczej Straży Pożarnej w Słupcy, for whom he wrote a long and complex piece called Symfonia nr 1. Masecki was supported in the composing process by Antoni Beksiak, musicologist, curator and traditional music researcher.

    The orchestra from Słupca, headed by bandmaster Jan Jasiński, is considered one of the best brass bands in Poland. Despite this, like other similar bands, it remains beyond the Polish mainstream and does not get much media attention. This is not a fair approach as the brass band movement epitomises not only the musical traditions of the Wielkopolska Region, but is also a rare example of social involvement. Brass bands bring together amateur musicians who often belong to whole generations of instrumentalists and musical families. Today, the bands continue a whole range of ceremonial, religious and industrial traditions and are the pride of local authorities. Their performances are major events in the lives of small towns and contribute to creating the local identity.

    The project was created under Wielkopolska: Rewolucje, a project of the Regional Government of Wielkopolska, curated by Agata Siwiak.

  • composer: Marcin Masecki
    bandleader: Jan Jasiński
    programme concept: Antoni Beksiak