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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • Generator Malta and the Ethno Port Festival would like to invite you to a special event, which brings together both projects: an exchange of vinyl and CD records containing widely understood ethno music. It will take place on 14 June, late in the evening, at Wolności Square, or more precisely, in the fountain area. It’s quite simple: you bring with you CDs or vinyl records that you don’t listen to anymore, that you are bored or have too many of, and you exchange them for different ones from our CD and vinyl base. Everyone arrives and leaves with the same quantity of records. If there are records you don’t know but are interested in, you can use our listening stations, i.e. some good old Discmans, on which you can check the music out.


    - The records should be in good condition, unscratched and fit for listening to.

    - You can exchange a vinyl record for another vinyl or for a CD, but this principle only works one way: CDs will not be exchanged for vinyl.

    Once you have enough music, we invite you to the dance at the Silent Disco ethno channel, created by the Malta Festival especially for the Ethno Port, and also to the dance at the Dubliner Festival Club and in the Zamek Courtyard.



    21:00-22:00 CD and vinyl record registration

    22:00-1:00 exchange


    See you at the exchange!

    Generator Malta & Ethno Port Poznań